STORY launches its newest concept: Home for the Holidays

For those looking for an upscale boutique that offers an array of gifts for the whole family, STORY in Chelsea, NYC can be a one-stop-shop for unique gifts as well as a stimulating and inspiring shopping experience.

This holiday season, STORY has transformed its ever-changing brick-and-mortar space into a veritable cozy urban retreat. From now until December 31st, shoppers can discover products from over 150 independent brands ranging from luxurious leather goods to artisanal foods. STORY’s unique “pop-up shop” concept encourages consumers to shop small—providing an amazing retail platform for small businesses and local makers. STORY curates its merchandise with the intention of providing a museum-type atmosphere, so using the right retail technology is essential to maintaining the integrity of the boutique’s progressive concept.

STORY applies LightSpeed technology in various ways to improve the customer experience, and to help showcase the season’s particular theme, be it a wellness theme or the current holiday theme. This non-traditional concept store has taken retail to the next level by effectively creating a hybrid of brick-and-mortar and online shopping. LightSpeed’s software is used to manage inventory, allowing STORY to keep inventory on the floor to a minimum, which is crucial to preserving the gallery-style look and feel of the store. Hectic lineups at cash registers are often synonymous with holiday shopping, but this could kill STORY’s museum vibe. They use LightSpeed’s portable tablet system that makes sales transactions easier and more organic, avoiding potential chaos at a register.

LightSpeed is thrilled to be a part of STORY’s dynamic retail model. Their Home for the Holidays concept is an amazing way to promote small businesses during this season of mass consumption. Their dedication to creating an intimate environment is sure to keep shoppers at ease in the store, while keeping them interested in the next story!