Behind Every Store, There's a Story – ZOOOP iT UP

How a bad day turned into a good idea.

ZOOOP iT UP in Naples, Florida is a streamlined and polished boutique whose product is anything but. ZOOOP iT UP is a lifestyle brand, famous for being “the ultimate comfy wear.” It is, specifically, a line of onesies for adults. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a onesie, it is a one piece, zip-up cotton suit, similar to what a baby might wear.

This concept of turning pajamas into everyday fashion was born in St Tropez, France. Fabien, a native of the French Riviera, grew up surrounded by fashionable people. “If you live in the south of France, you are automatically exposed to glamour and style.” Despite the happy Mediterranean sunshine and glorious yachts, Fabien found himself in a very dark place. A series of unfortunate events had plunged him into a depression – a malaise so pervasive he couldn’t muster the energy to wear anything but pajamas when leaving his house. Instead of getting shameful looks in public, Fabien’s non-conformist outfits were received with praise. In fact, people couldn’t get enough. “They were practically trying to rip it off my back.”

The unsolicited positive feedback is what drove Fabien to emerge from his depression and start a company based on the principle that people should dress as comfortably as they please, regardless of society’s fashion ideals. Years later, he found himself across the Atlantic in another beach resort town, less known for fashion but still idyllic for relaxed vacationers. Fabien’s attitude towards combining the indulgence of extreme comfort with fashion resonates well with Americans. The store is only a year old, but his brand has a cult-like following, and has received notable press. Although the brick-and-mortar store is very popular with the locals and travelers, Fabien extends his reach by selling online and through social media.