Retail Round-Up: Brazil Retailers Kick it Into High Gear, Fauxsumerism, and How a Store's Scent Strategy Can Go Wrong

1. In Brazil, retailers are buying more TVs than expected in the hope that World Cup fever will translate into good news for their revenue stream, but are they being too optimistic about demand? (Bloomberg Businessweek)

2. Ever fill up your online shopping cart only to abandon it before check out? You’re not the only one. Fauxsumerism, or cyber window shopping, is on the rise, particularly amongst millenials. Both online and brick-and-mortar retailers need to think smart in order circumvent this trend and encourage conversions. (Mashable)

3. A good scent strategy can lead to stronger sales and an overall better customer experience. But miss your mark and it could be downright stinky. Abercrombie & Fitch learned that the hard way. The retail giant is well-known for the iconic scents that permeate its stores, but in the face of slumping sales, they’re dialing back to give customers a more neutral shopping environment. (Fast Company)

4. Move over millenials. Generation C, those who were born into the connected digital culture, will have even higher expectations of businesses, including retailers. (LinkedIn)

5. The trend of online retailers moving into the brick and mortar space shows no sign of abating. After perfecting the site, and building a massive following, men’s e-commerce darling Bonobos now operates eight guide shops in the U.S. These stores act like showrooms (nothing is actually for sale). The company’s VP of Guide Shops Erin Ersenkal shares more on why Bonobos believes in the physical space. (Street Fight)