Retail Round Up: Toys 'R' Us Improves Their In-Store Experience, and More on 2015 Predictions

The kids are going to love this one: Toys ‘R’ Us will be investing in their in-store experience by creating exciting play zones, rather than compete on price. Engaging technology and devoted play areas will keep families shopping for longer. Meanwhile, Babies ‘R’ Us will amp up it’s customer service. (Bloomberg)

It looks like Facebook is planning on merging personal shopping services with online commerce. The new “Business on Messenger” will allow Facebook users to chat with a customer service rep live, and casually place orders within the chat conversation. (FastCompany)

What’s in store for the rest of 2015? This Forbes contributor predicts some serious downsizing of retail spaces (say goodbye to K-Marts and outdated chain stores), but explains they’ll continue to be replaced, as the demands of shareholders are greater than the actual growth of the economy. (Forbes)

Much like this spring’s weather, Lululemon is ending the first quarter of 2015 a bit, well, cold. Their struggle to manage inventory surpluses is hurting them financially, and some say the build up is due to weather slowing down supply chains, while others are saying it might be trend-related. (Leader Post)

Welcome to New York, Vivienne Westwood! The iconic brand is opening their very first NYC flagship store in midtown Manhattan. (Women’s Wear Daily)