Retail Round Up: Target’s Art Exhibit, Instagram’s Fashion Win, & the Canadian Retail Market

Target is merging art, apps and sales to create a unique product interaction for shoppers. Target Too is exhibited simultaneously through an app and in Chelsea, NYC. (MobileCommerceDaily)

Fashion and Instagram are the best things to ever happen to retailers. Lord & Taylor provoked online fashion junkies by showcasing 50 Instagramers wearing the same stunning dress. And with the help of Instagram, the dress insta sold out. (Adweek)

Luxury retailers have finally given into digital. With increased interest and competition in online luxury sites the Richemont and Yoox group, aka the powerhouse behind Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry brands, are officially investing a large chunk of change in their online stores. (CNBC)

Although the retail landscape for the Canadian market can seem grim at times (re: Target and Future Shop), some good news has sprouted this week. 23 upcoming retailers are scheduled to hit the Canadian retail market, including (but not limited to) Kate Spade, Bizou, and Saks Fifth Avenue. (Retail Insider)

Chinese online store Beibei, founded by 29-year-old Zhang Lianglun, attracts China’s young mothers for items at a discounted price. Their big secret for staying ahead of competitors? Focusing their advertising efforts solely on customer feedback.  (Forbes)