Retail Round-Up: The Best Cities For Retail, and Why Catalogues Still Survive Today

Big discounts aren’t the only way to lure consumers. Virtual-reality games in-store, stocking limited quantities of hot items, focussing on trends rather than going on sale, and boosting wages to create a happier work environment are all ways some retailers are doing everything but compete on price. (CNBC)

Catalogues are still alive and well. For Neiman Marcus, catalogues laid the foundation of their hugely successful eCom business, and the combination between the two has been more powerful than either channel alone. Although print doesn’t provide the same data as digital, consumers respond well to curated images and editorial content, at least in the luxury fashion world. (Business of Fashion)

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and jewelry companies are having to get creative to stand out from traditional ad campaigns. Pandora is celebrating the uniqueness of each mother with it’s video campaign showing blindfolded children identifying their mothers. (ADWEEK)

What’s the best city to open a retail business? New York and LA might be notorious for their amazing shopping scenes, but as of late, they are not the leaders in growing retail sales. This year, Orlando and Washington D.C are leading the way in terms of brick-and-mortar sales growth. (Forbes)