4 ways retailers can prepare for Valentine's Day

4 ways retailers can prepare for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day represents the first major sales date of the calendar year in the retail industry and independent businesses should be looking beyond the Christmas holiday, to the most romantic day of the year. With some many valuable sales to make in the upcoming week, below are some valuable tips on how retailers can show their customers some love and cash in on the increase in retail sales next week.

Offer a Valentine’s Day promo

Promotions tailored specifically to Valentine’s Day will help boost sales — shoppers are always in search for deals to keep costs down on a day where everything seems to cost way more than usual. Promotional Valentine’s bundles are a great way to upsell, and also sell more of what you already have. This is could be inventory that doesn’t sell so well on its own, but may sell well as part of a bundle.

Having a promotion on certain products you sell all year round, such as lingerie or perfume, can introduce the idea that a specific item is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Look at ways you can combine related items and package them to boost your sales by providing your customers with  the perception that they are getting more bang for their buck. How about a trackable Valentine’s Day promo code?

Send some Valentine’s Day love

It’s important to show your customers that you’re thinking about them as much as their better half does at this time of year. An email or tailored newsletter is a great way to encourage them to think of your brand this Valentine’s Day. This is easy to roll out, trackable and the quickest to inform you customer base on things to look out for. Alongside a promotion, you can easily incentivize customers to engage and act upon the exclusive offers available.


Optimise your website

Regardless of what you sell, you should make it easier for customers to see what’s on offer. Having a page specific to Valentine’s Day can help you showcase and highlight items to both customers and passive shoppers who may be interested. For example, a section ‘For Him’ or ‘Free Her’ can help visitors locate items quicker. Another example would be to highlight ‘Gifts for under £40’ — segmenting your stock means your customers spend less time looking for gifts and more time purchasing, making for a good user experience.

Accessorise your brand

Spend some time on your website’s design by, for example, adding a temporary flower or heart theme. This will position your brand as one specific to their Valentine’s Day needs and can go a long way to encouraging shoppers to visit your store — both online and in-store. Also keep in mind what your customers love and what they don’t. An overly decorated storefront could be seen as tacky, so keep it minimal; a few lanterns or candles will set the mood for your customers and bring attention to your store.

This Valentines period can be a great time to assess your stock and increase sales with promotions that encourage your customers and those browsing gifts for loved ones with your brand. Valentine’s Day is a special and enjoyable time for couples, friends and those with a special person on their mind. Given this, shoppers are likely to spend even more during this period than with other seasonal holidays. Bare this in mind when engaging with shoppers this Valentine’s holiday.

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