5 Ways Retailers Can Attract Some Valentine’s Day Love

5 Ways Retailers Can Attract Some Valentine’s Day Love

For the retail industry, Valentine’s Day has the potential to result in sales that make February 14th feel like Christmas’s little sister. With the right merchandising and promotions, merchants can take advantage of this day to make it appealing to singletons and couples alike.

Here are some strategies to make the best of Cupid’s big day:

1) Make it easy

It comes as no surprise that lingerie sales sky rocket in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Our friends at Cosabella have devised a strategy to make shopping for intimates a far more comfortable experience for men searching for the right gift. Like a wedding registry, Cosabella has a Valentine’s registry. An e-mail is sent to their existing female (mostly) customers with registry information, allowing a lady to pick out desired items and send a follow up e-mail to her partner with her size and color preferences. With this information, men can easily pick up the items and avoid some potentially awkward moments.

2) Special merchandising

STORY in NYC consistently takes merchandising strategy to the next level. They are masters at editorializing around a central theme, and from now until March 23, the theme is love. STORY is currently featuring dynamic installations that highlight ten specialty brands, with products such as candles, chocolates, and sensual body paint. Their love theme is sure to get consumers into gift-giving mode, as they did with their tantalizing holiday theme.

3) When 2 become 1: cross promotions

A romantic dinner and a bouquet of flowers might sound cliché, but ask even the most cynical of people about their feelings after receiving such a gift, and you might discover that it truly has a power effect. Florists, chocolatiers, and restaurants might be more than willing to team up and promote a Valentine’s Day package. In the spirit of this day of love, don’t be an outlier– join forces with other retailers to form irresistible offers.

4) Limited-time offers

By creating time-sensitive promotions leading up to Valentine’s Day, retailers create a sense of urgency. For procrastinators, reminders that they have very few days left to take advantage of a special deal can help drive them to shop before it’s too late.

5) Socialize!

Do you have 14 days worth of Valentine’s-worthy material for your social media feed? Remember how quickly your voice can get drowned out with all of the Internet noise. Images are often more powerful than words, so consider sharing memes, inspirational pictures and other visuals that will capture your customers’ attention more than your promotions alone.

Even if your store is not a destination for Valentine’s Day gifts, you can always delight shoppers with quirky cards or complimentary chocolates. February 14th is about love, and not necessarily romance. It’s a great reminder that if you love your customers, they’ll love you back!

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