6 tips for better Google Display Network ads

6 tips for better Google Display Network ads

It’s never too late for retailers to develop marketing and promotional strategies and an online strategy is the most cost effective way to reach shoppers.

There are many ways retailers can promote promotions online, however, with a reach of over 94% of US internet users (source: Comscore 2013), Google Display Network is the best way to reach niche audiences. With Google Display Network, retailers can place visual ads on a network of websites across the internet.

Here are six tips to get the most out of the Google Display Network.

1. Target the buyers, not the consumers.

It’s important to remember that your buyer is not always your consumer. While your usual target audience may be the one enjoying your product, the product is sometimes being purchased as a gift by a parent, spouse, or friend. Your ad copy and other creative assets, as well as your targeted audience on Google Display Network should be focused on influencing the buyer, not the consumer. Your ads should communicate that your product would make the perfect gift for your usual target audience.

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2. Use relevant messaging.

Consumers will be using certain terms when searching for items online so be sure to be relevant and don’t be too vague. Use messaging relevant to the season or holiday period, such as “gift”, “present”, and “winter”, or “getaway”, “sun”, “vacation”, to capture the attention of potential buyers. If you use messaging that consumers are drawn to, you’ll increase the number of clicks your ads get. For example, “Spring sale” will attract people searching for special sales this spring, more than an ad with just the word “sale” in it.

happy new year holiday ad message for Google ads

3. Shoppers are searching — promote your deals.

Promotional offers increase a shopper’s intent to buy. Consumers like to look for deals, so by promoting your offers to your audience through Google Display Network, you increase the likelihood that your audience will make a purchase from your store.

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4. Show your location, so you’re easy to find.

To help increase foot-traffic and increase in-store sales, use location extensions in your display ads to show your store’s location through Google Display Network. This means highlighting your address, Google Map directions and photos of your store. This makes it easier for local shoppers to find your store and take advantage of your sale when you have one to promote. To further incentivize in-store traffic, you can also include an in-store offer in these ads.

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5. Use multiple creatives so your ads appear on more websites.

Remember, shoppers have a greater intent to make purchases during peak seasons and your buyer may not always be your target consumer. You’ll want to display your ads on a variety of websites, and make sure that they’re optimized to communicate your offer to your target audiences.

Use multiple creatives (different images and variations of text) in different sizes. By using different sized creatives, Google can place your ads in more locations, which increases your potential impressions or views.

paint brushes of different sizes and colours

6. Test, measure, and improve.

A major benefit to having multiple ads, is that you can use the different creatives to test which ones are more effective at converting your audience. When you know which ones are doing better than others, you can adjust your strategy to maximize the results of your campaign.


ad campaign measuring and testing


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