A Purrrfect Team: LightSpeed partners with Phillips to help independent pet stores thrive

A Purrrfect Team: LightSpeed partners with Phillips to help independent pet stores thrive

Pet supplies –a $55 billion dollar a year industry. Animals have become beloved parts of the human family, and there are now over 20,000 pet stores across the U.S. alone. While there is no shortage of competition in the pet food and supplies business, independent stores are particularly at risk of falling behind big-box retailers if they fail to play it smart with their technology and marketing mix. We’re teaming up with Phillips – the largest pet food distributor in America – to make it easy to do just that.

Finding a balance between serving people (and their pups) along with the necessities of back-end business management is tough. This has spurred the creation of the “IT” kit: a complete set of tech and marketing resources that will help stores attract new customers, build loyalty with existing ones, enhance the shopping experience and consolidate back-end operations and inventory management.

This IT kit is equipping Phillips’ customers with tools that will make it easy to streamline operations:

  • Marketing & Customer Outreach: Tools to help retailers reach customers via direct mail, email and text to drive both new and returning customers through promotions and marketing messages
  • Store Design: Resources to help merchants improve their store design and displays as well as get online
  • Insurance: Leveraging insurance rates by grouping stores together
  • Point of Sale: Lightspeed’s system helps streamline inventory management, offers mobile checkout and collects customer data to help salespeople better engage their customers

A cutting-edge POS system will undoubtedly help pet store owners improve operations so they can spend more time on the floor interacting with customers, and less time behind a computer or in the stock room. That’s where we come in.

Currently, less than 35% of independent retailers across all industries have a POS system, and very few of them use it for more than a simple check-out. Lightspeed will help alleviate the problem of long lineups in the store, cut down on the time spent searching for inventory, improve purchasing processes, and more. Most importantly, it makes it easier to learn more about your customers and know what they need. For shoppers with rambunctious pets in tow, a hassle-free shopping experience will be appreciated by human and animal alike.

We’re very proud to be partnering with Phillips; encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship really makes our tails wag, and their dedication to helping smaller businesses thrive is incredibly important to us, too.

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