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Retail Round-Up: Amazon Gets Physical, and Holiday Shopping Predictions

Retail Round-Up: Amazon Gets Physical, and Holiday Shopping Predictions

From eCom to brick-and-mortar, Amazon is following the path blazed by popular retailers like Warby Parker and Bonobos. By joining the physical shopping world, Amazon is reinforcing the importance of brick-and-mortar retail. Their very first physical store will be located in the heart of Manhattan, and will be a place for consumers to pick up their online orders and shop for other Amazon-branded products like the Kindle. (nymag)

Department stores used to be the place to shop. Since the 1970’s, however, their popularity drastically declined, and luxury hubs like Harrod’s are now trying to elevate their in-store experiences to recapture their former glory. Creative merchandising and omni-channel retailing are just part of what luxury department stores are doing to remain competitive. (The Business of Fashion)

Gourmet cupcake shops and luxury cosmetics counters can now be found in the subways of New York City. Underground retail is nothing new in Asia and in many major cities, but subterranean shopping for anything more than a pretzel is relatively new in New York. (The New York Times)

Major retailers are coming up with new ways to entice holiday shoppers. Special layaway plans, mobile checkouts, and same-day in-store pickup are all strategies to make shopping easier for consumers this fall and winter. (USA Today)

Retailers can prepare for the holiday season with some serious statistics: almost 60% of shoppers will use smartphones to hunt the best deals in-store, retail sales are expected to increase by 5% from last year, but only 44% of consumers will buy gifts for more than seven people. (eMarketer)

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