BLOOM by Anuschka – From Flowers to Fine Furnishings

BLOOM by Anuschka – From Flowers to Fine Furnishings

In Denver, Colorado, under an enormous sky and flanked by majestic mountains, lies an oasis of tropical blossoms and exotic plants. BLOOM by Anuschka is the realized vision of owners Zach and Anuschka Pashel. Anuschka Pashel’s dream was to fill people’s lives with the vibrant colors and fragrances of flowers. She opened her florist shop over ten years ago, and has now extended her offering to include a wide variety of home accoutrements, gifts and jewelry.

BLOOM by Anuschka

BLOOM by Anuschka is a space that evokes the feeling of a beautiful showroom, not just a store. By pairing merchandise and floral displays with the right lighting, furniture, throws and accessories, customers can be inspired to re-create their own interiors to include such splendor. “We are constantly moving things around and redesigning our displays. Customers come to the store just to see what’s new at BLOOM,” says Anuschka. The pair have the know-how for attracting customers, and they use LightSpeed for its progressive approach. The software for iPad grants them the ability to complete a sale as quickly and efficiently as online shopping–right there in the store. Zach Pashel, Anuschka’s husband and business partner also chose LightSpeed for its ease of use and the robust reporting features they needed in a point of sale system.

Their use of iPads also extends to their design service for weddings and other events. They are able to bring the tablets on location visits with customers–giving their clients more tools to plan the perfect event. If you check out BLOOM’s online photo gallery, it’s obvious that Anuschka’s floral masterpieces stem from her blossoming passion for design.

If you find yourself in Denver, make sure to visit BLOOM by Anuschka for a visual and aromatic treat for the senses.