Brand Power: Three Stores Making the Most of their Point of Sale.

Brand Power: Three Stores Making the Most of their Point of Sale.

A great shopping experience is like a good cocktail. Start with a solid base or concept; add a dash of stellar service, a shot of excellent product knowledge and garnish with a superb image. Together, all these elements make up a store’s brand. Our new iPad app for LightSpeed Cloud puts a retailer’s brand into their own hands, with a customizable interface. We checked in with three customers who have been using the app since it launched a few weeks ago to see how they’re using it.

Mobile jewelry company, Kanoa,  takes their iPad POS with them everywhere. The Canadian company doesn’t have a physical location. Instead they host “jewelry parties”, sell at local events, gallery openings, and in various pop-ups. While Cloud helps them manage inventory and sales, the newest update completes an important piece of the puzzle.

As a company that sells 18k gold and silver-plated products from Brazil, the owners need to reassure customers about the legitimacy of their business, says founder Juliana Lima. “It’s important for people to see that we are a solid company that is serious about doing business. It reflects on the image people have of our products as well as the way they talk about our company. Having the branded iPad really allows us to look more professional, and at the same time facilitates our job and allows for fewer mistakes.”

Saint Cloud in Houston, Texas projects an upscale, customer-centric image. The 1,500 square-foot boutique is heavy on design with a hexagonal light grid, custom brass awnings and a striking marble checkerboard counter. Their tightly curated selection of clothing, accessories and housewares from under-the-radar designers like Pamela Love and We are Owls, attract a discerning clientele. Creative Director Cecilia Marquez uses her iPad point of sale’s branded interface to highlight their cutting edge ethos. “We definitely think it looks good from a customer perspective, and they especially like the on-screen signature feature,” she says.

Finally, Ultrabikex in Key Biscayne, Florida, is a great example of a small bike shop with a proactive approach to retail. Long time Mac-user Jesus Rivera loved the usability of LightSpeed and especially liked the look of the Cloud’s new user interface. “I think the employees really enjoy using it because it made sense to them right away and customers think it’s cool too,” explains Rivera.

Ultrabikex specializes in rentals, fittings and repairs. They’ve built their local following by taking their store on the road, via their iPad POS, to triathlons and other cycling events around Miami. Most recently, Rivera took the latest Cloud update on the road to a race and noted people’s reactions. “When the tablet has my store’s photos and logos on the background, it gives people a better idea about my business. I think it helps them remember our brand, so when they visit the shop next time they’ll have that familiar connection.”

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