Courting the Customer at DASH

Courting the Customer at DASH

A twenty-something tries on a flirty Alice + Olivia dress while her friend spritzes herself with the scents scattered around DASH SoHo, the New York outpost of the Kardashian-owned boutique.

“That dress looks amazing on you babe,” says a DASH doll, the name given to sales associates. “Let me get you some heels so you can see the full look,” she adds, rushing off to check what size and style the customer bought the last time she was in the store.

The fashion-forward boutique is known for its association with sisters Khloe, Kim and Kourtney, but what makes the brand so special is the superior service each DASH doll bestows on their clients.

“We want our clients to relax and linger in the store for as long as they want,” explains DASH Retail Director, Dakota DiSanto. The stores all feature seating areas (imagine plush and contemporary mini-lounges) where shoppers can flick through magazines and soak in the upbeat environment.

Kardashian-owned Dash Boutique in Los Angeles

The customer is at the center of the DASH experience, and associates are encouraged to bond with their clients.

Before signing on with LightSpeed Cloud, the dolls kept handwritten notes on their customers’ preferences, including their contact details.

They’re currently piloting Cloud on iPads, which is sure to create some positive changes. “We think customers will find it easier to enter their email addresses directly onto one of our iPads. It makes creating customer profiles a lot simpler and more efficient,” Dakota adds. The store will also use customer profiles to create targeted email and text messages filled with updates on new products they know their clients will love.

DASH is quickly expanding. There are currently boutiques in New York, Miami and L.A., and with plans to tackle e-commerce. Their growth strategy means they needed a smarter way to manage their inventory across all their stores.

“We want solutions that are going to help us across the board. We have three stores and will soon be launching our web store—the new system will help streamline operations, and enable us to focus more on finding the best collections and providing the best service for our clients,” Dakota shares.

Ultimately, DASH is never too far removed from its famous founders. They sell an on-trend lifestyle for savvy young women looking to add a sophisticated flair to their wardrobes. While they have their eye toward e-commerce, Dakota says that brick-and-mortar will always be important to the DASH brand. “It’s hard for a website to duplicate the kind of personal experience we create in the stores, and especially hard to create the bond between doll and client.”

For the Dash dolls, shopping is a specialty and they take pride in being knowledgeable style consultants. Arming them with tablets to make transactions even more natural is sure to bolster what they do best: match the latest styles to meet their customers’ needs.

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