Customer Facing Display and Multi-Store Pricing - Now Available for Lightspeed Retail

Customer Facing Display and Multi-Store Pricing - Now Available for Lightspeed Retail

Two of the most popular features requested for Lightspeed Retail – Customer Facing Display and Multi-Store POS Pricing – are now available to all customers!

Engage your customers

Our focus for this release was helping you to create a more interactive engagement experience with your customers. To do this, we developed the new Customer Facing Display that enables you to use any tablet or computer monitor to display real-time sales information like tax totals and discounts per line item.

With every successful transaction, your customers can choose to have their receipts emailed directly to them. If the customer already has shopped with you before, their email address is pre-populated, for a seamless sales experience.

Having a customer facing display in your store is critical in some US states, like California and Nevada, where customer facing displays are required by law.

To activate the customer facing display, simply log into Lightspeed Retail from any tablet or Web-Browser, tap Sales from the Main Menu, and then tap Customer Display. For a video and further instruction on how to set-up your customer facing display, please click here.

More coming soon

Even though we’ve released Customer Facing Display today, we’re not resting. More features will be coming later this month for iOS devices, including:

  • On-screen Signature Capture – Your customers will be able to sign directly on any touch-enabled device, completing the sale with ease
  • Customer Profile Creation – Grow your customer database by simply having your customer select the email receipt option

Multi-Store Pricing

For Lightspeed customers running more than one location, the new multi-store pricing tool gives you a lot more control over individual prices for each location.  Quickly and easily set different selling prices for the same SKU on a store-by-store basis, whether it be based on differences in the cost of operations or in order to take advantage of localized trends.  Learn more and watch a short video to get up and running with multi-store pricing today!

Interested in learning more?

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