FAQ on the Merge of MerchantOS and LightSpeed Retail

FAQ on the Merge of MerchantOS and LightSpeed Retail

Two companies joined forces. A new user interface is on the horizon. What does this mean to existing customers? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that we hope will ease your minds through this transition.
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Q: Will my pricing change?

A: The pricing change is something that’s been in the works for a long time. That said, existing customers will not see a change to their pricing unless they change plans. If you find you need to upgrade accounts based on the new plans, or are expanding and adding more registers or employees the new pricing plans will apply.

The main goal of the price change was to allow folks to more easily mix and match sizes – you can now pair a small store with a big store in a multi-shop setup for instance. It also allows us to rebalance the number of registers and employees in each plan size as well as adjust price points based on feedback we’ve heard over the last few years.

We also added a discounted annual plan because customers asked for it fairly frequently.

Q: Will the features or functionality of my point of sale change?

A: Nothing will change for now. The platform is the classic MerchantOS point of sale with a new name – LightSpeed Cloud – and a new user interface (available to current customers soon, more about that below). With the merge, we now have more resources and opportunities to hire more developers and reach our goals and customer needs quicker and easier. We still have our customer feedback tool, please post your feedback about the actual product here, so our team can evaluate and respond to your feedback.

People had specific questions regarding the Shopify integration – it is definitely one of our goals to make this integration better than ever – we’ll address this quickly, once we have the developers in place to work on this.

Q: When will we switch over to the new user interface?

A: Once released – in the next few weeks – customers can switch over to the new user interface (UI). There will be a time period of a few months to switch back and forth from the old UI to the new UI, so you and your employees can learn the new UI on your own schedule. You can decide when you are ready to switch over for good.

We believe that the new UI, and features that are added to it over the coming months, will offer a compelling case to switch over on your own. We’ll decide on a hard cut-over date based on the adoption rate we see from existing customers during the open transition. We will give plenty of notice when we decide to make the final switch and our hope is that the majority of customers will have already upgraded by that time.

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