Interbike 2013 with LightSpeed

Interbike 2013 with LightSpeed

The day after Interbike is over, it’s time to start prepping for the next one. The bicycle industry sure knows how to throw a party with the largest bicycle trade show in North America, held in Las Vegas every September. You’ll see a mix of progressive and functional design and beautiful aesthetics, and people who are passionate about their sport and having fun. As an important destination for shop owners, Interbike is also an important destination for LightSpeed Retail.

We believe in connecting with our customers. At Interbike, we’re able to have face to face conversations. It’s fun to hear stories of paper and pencil inventories, but when we open worlds to a cloud based retail management tool with bicycle vendor catalog integrations, we see wide eyes and grins. You can say it’s rewarding.

Our booth sat next to SRAM Bicycle Components, and anyone who knows anything about the bicycle industry will know we scored some prime real estate. We had upwards of a dozen employees stationed at the booth and needed about 6 more. We answered questions of existing customers and performed live demos for potential customers. We talked shop with some, finding out what really works for them and what they’d like to see with their point of sale.

“It was a no brainer, especially as a bike shop [to choose LightSpeed Cloud]. We haven’t even used it to it’s full potential yet and it’s still making a huge difference with how we run our business.” -Ed Fischer from Camas Bike and Sport, Camas WA

We personally connected with more shops to name, and visited several, traveling up the west coast after Interbike was over. Stay tuned for more on the west coast tour.