Introducing LightSpeed Cloud

Introducing LightSpeed Cloud

Today, we’re proud to announce the newest product in our suite of retail solutions: LightSpeed Cloud™. LightSpeed Cloud brings the powerful, complete retail management functionality of LightSpeed to any device with a web browser.
Be it PC or Mac, desktop or tablet, LightSpeed Cloud enables you to run your business from any device, anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can process sales, manage inventory, access reporting, and more. Business owners with iPads can use the LightSpeed Cloud iPad app, available in the App Store.

LightSpeed Cloud is a brand new venture for us with its own unique features. For that reason, LightSpeed Cloud and our existing product line – now known as LightSpeed Pro™ – are independent solutions, and there is currently no migration path between the two of them.

We’re fully committed to developing both Cloud and Pro, and you can expect to see great improvements from each over the next few months.

FAQ for Current LightSpeed Customers


What’s happening to the current LightSpeed product?

The current LightSpeed product is now known as LightSpeed Pro. LightSpeed Cloud joins LightSpeed Pro as part our growing software suite that simplifies store and inventory management for retailers.

Can I use LightSpeed Cloud and LightSpeed Pro together?

LightSpeed Cloud and Pro are two distinct products, with unique features and capabilities. At this point in time, there is no integration between LightSpeed Pro and LightSpeed Cloud.

Can I move from LightSpeed Cloud to Pro or from Pro to Cloud?

You can try out LightSpeed Cloud for free, but we don’t encourage attempting to move from LightSpeed Pro to Cloud (or vice-versa). To do so, you would have to manually add all products and customers again, and you would lose retroactive reporting data. It’s essentially starting over with a new system.

We will share any updates we have regarding this situation as soon as they are available.

How much does LightSpeed Cloud cost?

Check out the Pricing page for LightSpeed Cloud.

I’m currently paying for LightSpeed (Pro) Maintenance. What happens if I want to switch to Cloud?

Today, there is no data migration between the two products. However, if you are on active LightSpeed Pro maintenance as of Aug 31st 2013, your yearly maintenance fee will be protected if you ever choose to switch to LightSpeed Cloud in the future. Your current Pro maintenance plan cost would become your yearly subscription fee for Cloud, which is lower than the typical Cloud subscription fee.

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