Introducing Web Store 3.1 for LightSpeed Pro

Introducing Web Store 3.1 for LightSpeed Pro

In today’s omnichannel world, retailers are looking for a single POS that can provide integrated inventory for both their brick and mortar and online stores. Earlier this year, we released Web Store 3.1 for LightSpeed Cloud, the first time our e-commerce solution fully integrates with our Cloud-based POS. This week, we are proud to announce the release of Web Store 3.1 for LightSpeed Pro.

So, what’s new? First off, some housekeeping. You weren’t shy about sharing some of your frustrations with us. In response, we’ve implemented over 50 fixes in 3.1. to help make the Web Store experience seamless and we will continue to listen to you as we push out improvements to the platform.

We are also making some big architecture changes, moving all our hosting over to Amazon Web Services, which will result in better up time, scalability and performance. It’s a huge win for our customers and we’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen so far. We’ve also updated our security settings, continuing to provide secure, SSL protected transactions for our customers.

Now for the fun stuff. Web Store 3.1 introduces two new, out-of-the-box themes: Monaco and Glencoe. Along with an updated Brooklyn Theme, these responsive designs have been optimized for mobile devices so that you can take advantage of the upsurge in m-commerce.

Want to know more? Check out the full release notes here.

We’re always looking for feedback, so please post your suggestions on how to make Web Store the best e-commerce solution on the market by visiting LightSpeed Ideas.

– Hakan Kilic, director of product management