LightSpeed Web Store 3.0 Now Available

LightSpeed Web Store 3.0 Now Available

The latest version of Web Store – our homegrown eCommerce solution – is now available. Web Store makes it easy to bring your business online by using the same information you’ve already input into LightSpeed, like product info, photos, categories, and more.

The new release includes a beautiful theme – Portland – and the following features:

  • New Templating System: We’ve rebuilt Web Store using the powerful and flexible Yii framework, resulting in not only a faster and more stable product, but a much more accessible theme and extension system. Now you can customize your Web Store to your heart’s content, ensuring that your online identity matches that of your brick-and-mortar locations.
  • Email Marketing with MailChimp: The best in retail software now integrates with the best in email marketing. MailChimp makes it easy for you to design and send beautiful emails to your customers, who are added to your mailing list on sign-up. Getting started is free.
  • Amazon Seller Central: The world’s biggest online marketplace is now your marketplace, too. Your Web Store products can now be listed as available from a reseller on Amazon. Completed orders are automatically sent to your LightSpeed, ready to ship.
  • New Admin Panel: Web Store was already easy to use, but our new admin panel makes it even easier. We’ve redesigned it to be lighter and more organized, with a revamped menu structure and inline instructions that guide you every step of the way.

If you’re already running Web Store and would like to upgrade, simply submit a support ticket through MyLightSpeed.

You can learn more about eCommerce with LightSpeed here →