Litchfield – A Masculine Approach to Housewares

Litchfield – A Masculine Approach to Housewares

Jonathon Litchfield’s sophisticated taste and passion for design stemmed from his childhood in Japan, where he grew up learning the virtues of quality and craftsmanship. When he decided to open a curated lifestyle store in the historic neighborhood of Gastown, Vancouver, his inspiration was his family’s appreciation of sensible design and streamlined style.

The Litchfield store boasts clean lines and simple, natural elements. They sell an array of products from kitchenware to cosmetics, all of which are culled from various high-quality sources. While soaps, scarves, and luxury knives are “genderless” items, Litchfield’s product selection and aesthetic is slanted towards the archetypically masculine.

It’s not a men’s store; it simply has an aesthetic that appeals to men.

Typically, stores specializing in housewares and other lifestyle products have a decidedly feminine ambience. Men need to shop for high-end linens and soap dishes too, but are probably less attracted to storefronts that look overly effeminate. The sophisticated and simple aesthetic of the store is especially attractive to Gastown dwellers, as the area is one of the city’s most rapidly evolving and stylish neighborhoods. “Vancouver has been changing a lot, but especially in the past 5 years,” explains Jonathon.

Once known for being a primarily “outdoorsy” city, Vancouver has taken on some serious edge. Fashion and independent design are at the forefront of Vancouver’s developing culture, and the thriving economy has resulted in refined palates and an insatiable demand for cutting-edge, artisanal products. Basically, Vancouver has gotten a lot cooler.

The timing is right for Litchfield, which is less than a year old. There’s a lot more foot traffic in Gastown than there used to be as people flock to the area for the restaurants, cafes, and fashion-forward stores. More and more young professionals are moving there for these very reasons, many of which are of course, men. Litchfield is the answer to Vancouver’s influx of demand for simply designed, high quality items.