More About LightSpeed Cloud and Pro

More About LightSpeed Cloud and Pro

There’s been some questions raised about the development of LightSpeed Cloud and, in particular, why it was created as a separate product and not integrated with our already-existing line of products.

LightSpeed Cloud is a collaboration between LightSpeed and its recent acquisition, MerchantOS. We worked with MerchantOS’s existing technology to create LightSpeed Cloud, for which we developed not only a brand new interface, but a dedicated iPad app with full retail hardware support.

Because the base technology of LightSpeed Cloud was developed prior to our collaboration, it doesn’t currently integrate with LightSpeed Pro. It wasn’t an intentional decision to develop a new product that alienates our existing customers, and we’ll continue to look for ways that the two products can work together.

Furthermore, the release of LightSpeed Cloud did not impact, in any way, our release schedule for LightSpeed Pro. LightSpeed Pro 3.9 will be released in early August and addresses a significant number of requests customers have made over the past few months, be they through our LightSpeed Ideas site or forums.

With our new larger development team, we now have incredible expertise in both native and web app development. Going forward, we’ll be utilizing our combined skills to bring the best in retail technology to users of both LightSpeed Cloud and Pro.