On Tour in California

On Tour in California

After the whirlwind that was Interbike, we headed to sunny California to visit a few of our customers we met at the show.

First stop – Adam’s Avenue Bicycles, San Diego, CA.

Owner, Andrew Lee (second from right) in his AA Bikes kit, racing at the San Diego Velodrome.

AA Bikes is on it with the track scene. The closest shop to the San Diego Velodrome, this shop specializes in track racing, along with urban fixed gears. It doesn’t stop there – nearby are urban mountain bike trails and hip neighborhoods to cruise through. The shop has historically held weekly single speed mountain and road rides from the shop.

The shop owner and entrepreneur, Andrew Lee, is part of the Adam’s Avenue Bicycles track team himself, and races every Tuesday. He’s been “submersed in San Diego’s urban bicycle scene for decades, which makes it easy to relate to customer needs, “ Lee says. When asked about his point of sale – LightSpeed Cloud – Lee explains, “We love love love the catalog integrations, and my inventory manager is completely happy that everything is so organized and in one place.”


Next stop – Serious Cycling, Thousand Oaks, CA.

The name is no joke; these guys are serious about cycling. They have a road team made up of 35 men, some of whom brought home medals from this year’s US National Championship. The shop is stocked with some pretty elite bikes and high tech cycling gear, and there’s even a place to sit down and have a snack while you watch a race on their flat screen. The two friends who opened this shop are do-it-all entrepreneurs – when we visited, one of the owners was out back building a shelving unit for their loft space. Justin and Scott at Serious Cycling love using LightSpeed and simply state, “It has everything we need in a point of sale.”

Third stop – La Dolce Velo, San Jose, CA.

“The Sweet Ride.” Smack in the middle of the Alameda in San Jose, they have an epic location for your “neighborhood bike shop.” The building’s lofty, exposed beam ceilings, are reminiscent of a small airplane hangar. It was actually used to house a famous pet shop that started up in the 60’s and, as sales staff and avid cyclist Nyk explains, “older people still come in to this day wondering where the monkeys are that they remember as a kid.”

La Dolce Velo treats all customers like family. They have an enormous stock of bicycles covering their warehouse style floor. They take pride in finding the perfect bike for each customer and making sure they continue to have a properly working machine. This shop also supports the local road race scene and, while we were visiting, had a custom $9000 bike in the work stand. When we brought up the question of how they liked their point of sale, they told us they’ve been LightSpeed Cloud customers for years and have always loved its ease of use and reporting. While we were there, a regular customer of theirs came in and ordered a wool bike jersey that he saw in a catalog. The sales rep at the shop completed the special order in a matter of minutes, and let the customer know when it would be in. A great example of how retailers are using our tools to create incredible retail experiences.


Last stop – Huckleberry Bicycles, San Francisco, CA.

Located on Market in the SOMA district, Huckleberry Bicycles is a true bicycle boutique. The shop largely caters to the urban commuter crowds that canvas the streets of San Fran, and outfits them in the latest high end cycling fashion and gear. The shop itself is a sight to see – beautiful wood flooring and shelving with elegantly placed displays of fine leather saddles, wool clothing and handmade cycling bags. As for bicycles, they stock everything from townie style commuters and road bikes, to fully functional touring models.

Huckleberry Bicycles was founded by three friends in 2011, and is a great example of a start-up shop with a great business plan. They found their niche, estimated their costs wisely, and they see the results in their sales reports everyday. They signed on with us several months ago because of our reputation with the bicycle industry. Part owner, Zach Stender reveals “it’s just silly that we didn’t sign on sooner.” Put this shop on your list of places to visit the next time you’re in San Francisco. Even if you’re not a cyclist, there is much to look at and awe over.

Lightspeed’s POS system was developed with a heavy focus on features bikes shops can use, like a structure for maintenance and labor charges and serialized items (bicycles). Our Cloud system also integrates beautifully with the industry, with over 230 bicycle catalog integrations – meaning, vendor catalogs are pre-loaded so you can check stock and place a special order with a vendor right from your point of sale. Want to talk with a shop that uses LightSpeed Cloud? Call us to see if there is one in your area. 866-932-1801

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