Our New Support System

On March 18th, we upgraded our support system to a new platform with the goal of offering an improved ticket submission and tracking experience. The new system is accessible via MyLightSpeed at my.lightspeedpos.com and offers the following new features:

  • Easy access to your pending tickets along with previously resolved tickets.
  • Ability to authorize additional users to your my.lightspeedpos.com account who can submit tickets on your behalf.
  • Live chat is now available on open tickets.
  • A new web form for ticket submission, which will help us prioritize your request more accurately.
  • Enhanced data security: two of the following—customer ID (the first block of digits in your license key/serial number, where you replace X with 0), email, or store name—must be referenced when opening a telephone support ticket.

Emailing [email protected] will no longer create a support ticket.

How to access the new support system

If you have not already created an account at MyLightSpeed, you will need to do so in order to submit a support ticket. To access MyLightSpeed, simply visit my.lightspeedpos.com.

When creating an account, have your LightSpeed license key/serial number handy. Your 20-25 digit license key can be found on your LightSpeed Server Mac, by navigating to  > System Preferences > LightSpeed Server.

Once you have logged into MyLightSpeed, click on  Submit A  Support Request to get in touch with our Support team. Alternatively, you can visit the Support Community to pose your question to other LightSpeed users and to see how they have tackled their own issues.

You can create additional user accounts for any staff or associates you wish to be able to submit support tickets on your behalf.

Our new suite of support tools is aimed at offering all of our customers better support experience, so please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Say Hello to Lightspeed Loyalty

Say Hello to Lightspeed Loyalty