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Future of Restaurant: Trends To Watch in 2020

Future of Restaurant: Trends To Watch in 2020

The restaurant landscape is transforming. From shifts in how people are getting their food, to a reimagining of what a restaurant can be, change is on the horizon.

To paint a clearer picture, Lightspeed partnered with brand strategy agency Folk. We delved into the trends shaping today’s restaurant industry and identified the cultural tensions that led to their emergence. Then we translated that knowledge into hands-on strategies to help restaurants thrive in a competitive landscape.

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest drivers of change in the restaurant industry is technology. In this report, we explore the challenges technological change poses for restaurants, and how these changes can help restaurants succeed.

Consumer behaviour and expectations are also changing the way restaurants must position themselves. We’ll see how personalisation will become a dominant theme in the coming years, how technology plays into that, and how this creates new and exciting opportunities to get ahead of your competition and grow your business. 

The Biggest Restaurant Trends in 2020

  1. Dark Kitchens
  2. Unique Dining Experience
  3. Blurring the Category Lines
  4. Dining with Data
  5. Next Level Convenience

Explore the top emerging restaurant trends

Lightspeed and Folk have partnered to unpack five emerging restaurant trends. By tapping internal experts and researchers, we've identified the cultural tensions that led to trends' development. Explore how restauranrts can leverage them to thrive.

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