Retail Round-Up: Payments, Weather and Vogue's Shout Out to our Brooklyn Customers

1. Commerce is all about bringing the right product to the right shopper at the right time, but the payment only addresses the close, writes LightSpeed’s CEO Dax Dasilva in a Tech Crunch article on why payment innovation is not the saving grace of retail.

2. Shout out to LightSpeed customers Mociun, Thistle & Clover, and In God We Trust for making it into’s round-up of best Brooklyn stores. That’s what you get for providing amazing shopping experiences!

3. April showers bring May flowers: Find out how the weather impacts consumer buying behavior.

4. Investing in omnichannel tactics is the most effective way to surprise and delight channel-agnostic consumers says Paula Rosenblum, Managing Partner at Retail Systems Research and Junction Solutions in this Retail TouchPoints article on omnichannel success.

5. We all know celebrities can help move product. This Euromonitor study looks more closely at the power of celebrity endorsements.