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Retail Round-Up: Predictions for 2015 and Instagram’s Success

Retail Round-Up: Predictions for 2015 and Instagram’s Success

Many of 2014’s retail trends will continue to be important in 2015 — namely, the fusion of online and offline shopping. Better mobile sites without too many frills, as well as smaller “big box” stores and appealing to low-income shoppers are among five trends that will shape the new year. (CNBC)

Still on the fence about getting an Instagram account for your store? The platform is becoming an increasingly important social media space for marketers, especially since the introduction of video-sharing to the service. Check out these top-performing Instagram videos for a little inspiration for 2015! (Adweek)

The 2014 holiday season has come to a close, but shoppers continue to drive business. Stores are still buzzing for two main reasons: gift cards and returns. It’s a good thing for retailers looking to unload old merchandise, but also slightly inconvenient due to the increase of returns. (USA Today)

Which retailers will succeed in 2015? According to the CEO of Storch Advisors, Gerald Storch, luxury retailers, stores with an omni-channel strategy, and retailers that offer true value will be the ones to prosper. Due to the current stock market, luxury consumers have money to spend this year, and are likely to spend it shopping. Because the Internet offers shoppers almost complete price transparency, most people are also looking for real value–something stores like Costco and TJMaxx understand. (NBC NEWS)

This year, Canadians spent more holiday dollars at home instead of crossing the border into the United States. Cheaper gas prices as well as the the value of the Canadian dollar caused more people to shop domestically. Boxing day sales were the highest since the 2008 economic downturn, and the amount spent per transaction was up by about 10 per cent compared to last year. (Huffington Post)

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