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Retail Round-Up: What Millennials Like in a Retail Brand, and RIP SkyMall

Retail Round-Up: What Millennials Like in a Retail Brand, and RIP SkyMall

The beloved in-flight catalogue, SkyMall, is filing for bankruptcy. Passengers can now enjoy wi-fi on many flights, not to mention have plenty of gadgets of their own to distract them from the classic SkyMall booklet in the seat pocket in front of them. The company tried to remake itself as an online retailer in 2014, but without success. (Bloomberg)

Understanding the spending habits of millennials has become crucial for retailers. It’s important to note that they respond well to authentic content over social media channels, and are often loyal to brands that have a socially responsible component, according to a new survey. (Inc.)

Macy’s aims to attract a larger Latina audience by introducing a new collection by Thalia Sodi. They haven’t yet successfully targeted the Latin American market, which is considerably large — one in every four babies in the U.S is Hispanic. (Women’s Wear Daily)

Consumer expectations for online shopping are increasing, which might explain the disparity between people saying they would like to shop online, and their actual online shopping activity. They want to know that an item they see on a web store won’t be sold out when they visit the physical store, surveys say. (CNBC)

Fans of the famous Italian brand Moschino can now shop in its first-ever American store in Los Angeles. The space is designed by Jeremy Scott, a notoriously funky LA-based designer and Moschino’s creative director since 2013. The next Scott-designed stores are set to open in Milan, followed by SoHo, NYC later this year. (Fashionista)

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