Scan, Swipe & ApplePay with OnSite 2015 2.2

Scan, Swipe & ApplePay with OnSite 2015 2.2

Introducing OnSite 2015 2.2

The latest version of OnSite is here to help you gain even further insights into your business and make running your store easier than ever. With OnSite 2015 2.2, checking out customers is faster and managing a multiple location retail business becomes more efficient.

We’ve been listening to your requests and are happy to announce that those changes are now here.

Simple Multi-Store Replication: With the new Multi-Store replication settings, setting up a new location can be done in a few clicks. You are now able to select any field to replicate for a new location; anything from products, classes, families, custom fields or product photos can be attributed to a new location. Set your desired preferences at each location and the rest will be taken care of for you without importing/exporting configurations.

Swipe Card to Close Sale: You can now swipe a customer’s card at any time from the payment screen to process the transaction and close the sale immediately.  If you have a Genius terminal, the sale can be sent automatically to the terminal so you can finish the transaction without manually entering any information.

Print Product Labels in StoreMaster: We’ve brought back the ability to right click on any product in StoreMaster, making it easier to print product labels as you need them.

Gift Card Lookup: Now in POS Mode, you can lookup the balance of a gift card before processing the sale, and yes — it also works across multiple locations!

Apple Pay Support: Starting with OnSite 2015 2.2, we now officially support ApplePay with the Genius Terminal.  If you have a Genius Terminal simply call Cayan to have it activated on your account. If you’re not a Cayan customer, check out our EMV Info Page for detailed next steps.

Bug Fixes: We’re continually improving performance and stability and this release is no different. With some new changes under the hood, this release will ensure that you’re stable when you need to be.

Want to see all the improvements? View the release notes here.

Lightspeed Advanced Reporting 2.2
Advanced Reporting continues to provide valuable insight into your business with new widgets and store selection.

Access your reports, wherever you are: Access your most critical reports wherever you are — with the new dashboard layout, app-based navigation, and end of day report, all optimized for your iPhone. There’s no need to go to the App Store and download an app, simply visit Advanced Reporting in Safari on your iPhone device and follow the step-by-step instructions to receive this update.

Sell-Thru (Private Beta): Identify which products are selling, and which ones aren’t – giving you insight into what to reorder and how to optimize your promotional efforts.  To have it enabled for your account, please contact us at [email protected].

To learn more, view the complete release notes or click here to set it up.

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2 is available as a free upgrade to all Lightspeed OnSite customers with Active Maintenance Plans.

Download now or talk to a specialist!

If you’re an existing Lightspeed OnSite customer with an inactive Maintenance Plan, and want to learn more about Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2 and the new Advanced Reporting,  get in touch with us at  1-866-932-1801.

Note: Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2 is required to get the Sell-Thru Report in Advanced Reporting. Don’t forget to backup your previous system before upgrading.

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