Show and Tell: How to use your mobile POS to engage with customers.

Show and Tell: How to use your mobile POS to engage with customers.

When a customer checks our your mobile POS, the only thing they should be seeing is you. Which is why we introduced a fully brandable interface in our new iPad app for LightSpeed Cloud. We’re pretty excited that now our customers can take their brand to the sales floor with a tool that’s specifically designed to help associates process transactions. But there’s more to your branded interface than meets the eye. Thanks to online shopping, consumers are used to seeing products on a screen. With the Show and Tell feature in LightSpeed Cloud, retailers can upload up to 12 high-resolution photos per product to create gorgeous galleries that get customers talking with their wallets.

LightSpeed Director of Sales Engineering and Training Brad Malmberg highlights four ways to use Show and Tell to build your mobile point of sale into your visual merchandising strategy:

Every Moment is an Opportunity
As a retailer, you’ve worked hard to create a space where customers feel comfortable. Maybe this means you offer a lounge space where they can take a break. While they settle among casually strewn piles of fashion magazines, show customers an iPad loaded with LightSpeed Cloud so they can browse products while they rest. The highly visual interface will keep your brand and your offerings top of mind.

Go Where your Customers Go
What happens when a customer is in the changing room and the item they’re trying on just doesn’t fit? Maybe it’s the wrong color or the wrong cut? Your customer might not feel comfortable asking a sales associate to provide other options and might not want to get dressed to search for the right product. With the iPad, they don’t have to. They can check out other merchandise from the changing room.

Everyone Loves a Sneak Peek
What will you be selling this fall? Give customers a preview through Show and Tell. This will encourage them to return to your store when the new season comes into stock. Don’t forget, you can always ask for their email address to let them know when it’s arrived!

Not in Stock? No Problem!
There’s nothing more disappointing for a customer when a bestseller is out-of-stock. If a product can be re-ordered, showcase it instead in high res and have them chomping at the bit.

If you aren’t already a LightSpeed POS customer and would like to test our iPad app yourself, download a free trial here. Already using LightSpeed POS? Then what are you waiting for? Download the iPad app for free from the App Store.