Simplicity Made Powerful – LightSpeed Cloud for iPad 1.2

Simplicity Made Powerful – LightSpeed Cloud for iPad 1.2

When we created LightSpeed Cloud for iPad, our goal was to create something that was as much a great sales assistant as it was a great point of sale. Our focus has always been on streamlining the sales process to make it both fast for you and fun for your customers.

With our latest release – LightSpeed Cloud for iPad 1.2 – we’ve kept that streamlined sales process intact, but added a ton of features to ensure that when you need more flexibility, you’ll have it.

Sales Flexibility
Sometimes, a sale isn’t so simple. Multiple employees might be responsible for multiple line items in a single sale; or, there are items for which you want to apply discounts or exempt taxes.

The new Edit Sale and Edit Line Item features make it so you can easily control every aspect of a sale and change properties item-by-item, letting you adjust employees, discounts, taxes, quantities, serial numbers, and even an item’s selling price.

Gift Cards and Credit Accounts
You’ve always been able to accept gift cards, but as of this release you can now activate and recharge your custom gift cards straight from your iPad. You can also give refunds as store credit, accept store credit as payment, and print gift receipts.

Register Management
Manage registers directly from your iPad, with simple workflows for counting your till at the start of the day and reconciling it at the end. No more switching between devices; you can now spend your entire day on iPad, engaging with customers.

Magtek iDynamo Support
Faster, more accurate, more durable, and with more secure data transmission, the Magtek iDynamo is a reliable card swipe for iPad that you can start using with LightSpeed Cloud today. It’s designed for constant mobility to support you wherever you go, and is compatible with Merchant Warehouse and Element credit card processors.

There’s even more new features:

  • Reprint or email receipts from sales history
  • Store logo now appears on login screen
  • Better item searching

LightSpeed Cloud for iPad is available for free on the App Store, and you can login with your existing LightSpeed Cloud account – even a free trial account! Not using LightSpeed Cloud? Learn more about Cloud POS or start a 14 day free trial today.

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