The End of Windows XP and What it Means for You

The End of Windows XP and What it Means for You

It’s the end of an era – the Windows XP era. Starting April 8, Microsoft is nixing support for its legacy operating system. The computer giant spells it out pretty clearly but basically, if you’re still on XP, you’ll no longer receive security patches and tech support, which can leave your PC in a vulnerable position.

You might think that XP is firmly in the past but many large organizations and businesses (like the UK government and JP Morgan) still run on the 12-year-old OS. And for these large groups, Microsoft is continuing to offer support – for a fee – until they can migrate to a modern OS.

But what’s the impact on small businesses and especially retailers running their POS through XP? If you’re PC is vulnerable to attack, so is the payment system that uses it. Hackers already target merchants who accept credit cards and will see this vulnerability as an opportunity. This means that you could find yourself out of compliance with PCI standards (the PCI Security Standards Council requires all software to have the latest security-patches.)

So what can retailers do? It can be costly to upgrade to a new OS but in this case, it’s probably the best course of action. But let’s face it; what’s new today will be old tomorrow. For merchants, switching to a cloud-based POS does away with the need to constantly stay on top of operating system updates. When a POS like LightSpeed Cloud requires an update, it’s automatically and seamlessly deployed to users, ensuring that your system is always PCI compliant.

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