In 2005, Emma Male founded Amali Goods, an apparel and gift shop in Southern Australia. As a busy mother with two children, Emma saw opening a shop as an opportunity to enrich her local community. Offering everything from shoes and clothing to candles and home accessories, Amali Goods is a local success story which proves that, with the right tools, entrepreneurship is accessible to anyone.

Taking Amali Gifts omnichannel

In 2017, Emma saw an opportunity to take Amali Gifts omnichannel by fully synchronizing her in-store and online shopping experiences. With her online store, Emma never misses a sales opportunity, because she’s open 24/7! The centralization of her in-store and online inventory allows Emma to have full oversight on what’s selling best, what she needs to restock on, set up automatic reorder points,

eCommerce drives growth around the clock

eCommerce drives growth around the clock

Emma has seen tremendous growth in both sales and traffic online and loves that she’s able to get easily understandable monthly reports on her website’s performance. If she sees that a particular product is underperforming, she can quickly implement a promotion strategy to get its sales on the right track. Being able to visualize her growth online lets her know that it’s helping her grow her business, even while she’s asleep.

Before being introduced to Lightspeed eCommerce, Amali Gifts didn’t have a digital presence. Why? Because other web interfaces were too complicated. It simply took too much time to get everything up and running, which was a huge detractor for Emma. With Lightspeed eCommerce, though, “it’s as easy as checking a box”. Intuitive interfaces helped her get her quickly get her store online and start selling.

What attracted Amali Gifts to Lightspeed?

Easy and accurate inventory management: Emma wanted a point of sale that gave her a comprehensive and accurate overview of her inventory. With Lightspeed Retail and eCommerce’s full integration, Emma is able to report on her inventory quicker and more accurately than ever before. Rather than taking 100+ hours to complete a stock take at the end of the year, Emma simply downloads an inventory report that includes both online and in-store stock, and she’s done! That time she just saved can go towards developing marketing strategies to boost her store’s notoriety in the community.

Easy to use interface: When Emma tested another point of sale systems, she found them complex. It simply took too much time to get everything up and running, which was a huge detractor. With Lightspeed eCommerce, though, “it’s as easy as checking a box”. Emma immediately aligned with its intuitive interface - so intuitive that her two young children and 70-year-old mother use it. Tech-savvy or not, Lightspeed’s interface is intentionally easy to use, which means that business owners can focus less on learning how to use it, and more on how to enrich their customer’s experience.  

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