Cantina Carnitas

London, UK

Just one look at Cantina Carnitas’ logo gives a pretty clear idea of what is in store: think reinvented traditional recipes enhanced with bold Mexican flavours. Eating one of their burritos feels more like a life-changing experience than just a simple meal!

This “Mexican Street Food Adventure” is reflective of the energetic, colourful and spontaneous journey Carnita’s owners Matt and Jeff embarked upon with their business. What started with improvisational cooking for their friends in the kitchen of their university flat soon evolved into a profitable business. Recently, they were they were even able to relocate their restaurant to Flat Iron Square: central London’s newest foodie heaven boasting cuisines from around the world. To start this new adventure, Matt and Jeff needed a system that would help them pursue their vision and support the growth of their business. Read on to learn why they chose Lightspeed.

“I would have to say the ‘modifiers feature’ is one of my favourite aspects of using Lightspeed. It allows us to make every burrito unique and truly suited to each customer’s taste ”

While searching for an EPOS system, Matt found that many systems had limited modifier options, which didn’t make them a good fit for a bespoke business like his. Using Lightspeed’s extensive modifier functions, he can now tailor each burrito to his clients’ needs, from extra hot sauce for those feeling adventurous or extra filling for larger appetites!

Before Lightspeed, Matt used the traditional pen and paper method to take orders, which often led to mistakes and confusion. Now he enjoys the professional look of the system and the legible orders he can quickly view during peak hours. By using Lightspeed, the payment process has now also fundamentally changed. Customers now get payment out of the way at the beginning and are able to enjoy watching their burrito being made to their exact taste without worrying about fishing around for change.

“It’s bucking tradition for this type of business and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We want them to enjoy the preparation as much as we do!”

“You have to live and breathe a business like this every day, and we really didn’t want a system that was going to prove more of a burden than a blessing.”

Matt and Jeff were impressed by the modern and highly customisable layout of the software, which fit well with their new brand. Its simple interface allows them to work quickly and efficiently, and the reports function help them monitor busy periods and make smarter business decisions.

“Moving to Flat Iron Square was like starting with a blank canvas, and Lightspeed helped us turn this idea into a working business model. I would describe myself as creative yet disorganised. The reports function means I don’t have to sacrifice my creativity to pore over spreadsheets for endless hours. It’s clear and concise.”

“We chose Lightspeed because it was compatible with our aspirations and allowed us to think big.”

According to Matt and Jeff, the main reason that motivated them to make Lightspeed a part of their new journey was the fact that the software not only fulfills their current needs but gives them room to grow. With so many reports available and innovative extensions added regularly, they know that as they expand, they can ask more from their system. They are now looking into new ways to enhance the customer experience, such as taking orders from iPhones during busy periods.

“At the end of the day, I know that should anything go wrong, I can always pop into the office, and I have mobile numbers if I’m in need. It’s great to have that help on hand, even when you don’t often need it!”