Originally from Winnipeg, Simon Tooley has always been into fashion and design. After studying business at the prestigious McGill University in Montréal, he decided to move to Paris to learn more about fashion design, following which he moved back to Montréal to learn the ins and outs of the business side of the local fashion industry. After a few intense years, Simon embarked on a new adventure and started working at his partner’s aesthetic medicine clinic, where he soon saw an opportunity in the cosmetics industry. Etiket was born.

What do we do each morning when we get up? What do we do each night before we go to sleep? And what do we do in between to help ourselves look and feel better about who we are? For Simon, cosmetics are a part of a daily protocol, an etiquette, that inspired the name of the store. After getting past the hurdles of opening a business, Simon had to dig even deeper to answer the most important question: how to make it profitable?


People want the same shopping experience, whether they find you online or in-store. With Lightspeed, we can do that.
Every problem...

Every problem...

Personalizing service
Luxury cosmetics is not an easy industry. Selling the best products is something customers expect. What can impress them is a service that is high quality and most importantly personalized. Preferences, allergies, skin textures… Simon knew he had to listen and observe his customers to keep them coming back. But how was he going to keep all the customer information?

Selling where his shoppers are looking
Providing the best quality service starts by having a presence where shoppers want to buy. The shoppers’ journey now starts online most of the time and Simon needed a system that would allow him to be online without doubling the amount of work he would have to do. And with thousands of boxes on his shelves, and it was critical to manage a single inventory across sales channels, in order to save time and always have the in real time the most accurate stock data available.

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

The beauty of technology
After years in retail, Simon really witnessed the evolution of an industry where technology became an integral part of a great service. In Lightspeed, Simon found that invisible technology to help him connect with customers while running all his operations in the background. “Nobody knows what our technology is, they just know that it works. They have a question? We have the answer.“ With customer profiles and tags, any new employee can see what a customer likes right away and create an immediate connection.

The omnichannel experience
With huge opportunities online he can now take advantage of and a centralized place to manage Etiket, Simon has a 360-degree overview of both his business and the customer demand. His unified back-office empowers him to shape customer interactions and drive repeat business. Lightspeed’s omnichannel solution allows both the shopper and the retailer to do and enjoy retail and in the best way possible.

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