For Evelyne Shannon Drouin, fashion was never just a hobby. In a beautiful clothing store named after her, she showcases her personal tastes and promotes local talents.

Evelyne always knew she wanted to create something special. A fashionista since she was young, it only makes sense that her career now revolves around clothing and design. Working at her agency Bold where she lent a hand to fashion designers and helps them manage their sales, Evelyne wanted to highlight their creations in a retail environment.

Like a true modern entrepreneur, she likes to manage her projects from start to finish. “Every detail counts,“ is her motto. To ensure that her vision is evident in every corner of her store, she chose every single item on her shelves herself. For customers, such a personal selection of items makes for a unique and inspiring experience. And when the time came to pick a name for the store, it seemed natural to call it Evelyne, like the woman who created this retail paradise.

Every problem...

Every problem...

The inventory puzzle
As people can find the product of their dreams in a couple of clicks online, Evelyne has had to ensure that her in-store service experience efficiently translated into sales.
And managing stock hasn’t been the only challenge.

Canadian winters
In Canada, a store’s foot traffic number one enemy is the winter season. As the sidewalks disappear under layers of snow, potential customers do too. So how do you make shoppers come to the store when the snow and the cold make every errand a freezing adventure?

... has a solution.

... has a solution.

More clicks, more foot traffic

With Lightspeed, Evelyne managed to solve both of her major problems. As the most complete inventory management system on the market, Lightspeed helped her team streamline their inventory. The staff can find any item in seconds with features such as product tags and categories. Any customer questions related to the stock can be answered right away.

And when customers don’t come to the store, Evelyne comes to them with evelyneboutique.com. Her online store is fully integrated with her retail point of sale system. This powerful omnichannel solution allows her to manage a single inventory while selling across channels. All her data is centralized, which means that she manages one database of customers, who are offered the same experience online and in-store. This new online touchpoint with shoppers has had one effect she didn’t expect: an increase of her foot traffic. Evelyne has found the right formula to grow with her Lightspeed.

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