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Evelyne sells online to keep sales steady year-round

For Evelyne Shannon Drouin, fashion was never just a hobby. While working at her agency, she helped fashion designers manage their sales. When she decided to open her own boutique, Evelyne, she wanted not only to showcase her personal tastes, but to highlight local talents as well.

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Apparel store

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Lightspeed Retail
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Montreal, Canada


Evelyne struggled to keep control of her in-store inventory, making it tough for staff to quickly help customers find what they were looking for. The winter season presented another challenge; every year, as sidewalks disappeared under layers of snow, casual walk-ins became less frequent. Evelyne needed an ePOS that would help her better manage her stock, and keep her sales going steady through long Canadian winters.


With Lightspeed, Evelyne’s staff can search the ePOS for any item using tags and categories, helping customers in seconds. In the winter, evelyneboutique.com helps offset seasonal variations in shopping habits. All her inventory and customer data is centralised, which is both simpler to manage and makes sure shoppers have the same great experience no matter how they’re shopping.

"We use Lightspeed for everything in the store. Sales, inventory, and the ePOS is linked to our eCommerce."

Evelyne Shannon Drouin, Evelyne - Montreal, Canada

Evelyne’s business grew by selling online

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