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FC Cincinnati is bringing Major League Soccer to the people of Cincinnati

Though FC Cincinnati started in a lower league, President and Founder Jeff Berding had a dream: to bring Major League Soccer to Cincinnati, a city known for its love of sports. After rising through the ranks and smashing attendance records, FC Cincinnati made their MLS debut in 2019.

FC Cincinnati

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Cincinnati, Ohio


FC Cincinnati’s growing fanbase was making merchandise sales more challenging. At six minutes per transaction, line management was impossible, according to Marketing Manager Julia Wood: “our customers had long wait times—about 6 minutes long per transaction, or the system would go down or we’d lose our connection.” With crowds of 25,000+ per game and multiple merchandise tents to manage, FC Cincinnati needed a point of sale system that could keep up with their success.


Now that they’re using Lightspeed, FC Cincinnati has been able to virtually eliminate wait times. “It’s under a minute. People used to wait in line for the entire game to get a scarf and miss the whole game. Now, there are times when we don’t have a line up because we move through it so quickly. This really makes our customers happy.” Because Lightspeed is easy to use, the team can train new workers in minutes without slowing down check-out times for fans.

“For us, the big thing is the fan experience—its all about the fans. We always say that we’re by the fans, for the fans.” Marketing Manager Julia Wood has been with FC Cincinnati from the beginning, embodying the team’s dedication to its loyal fanbase.

Now, there are times when we don’t have a line up because we move through it so quickly. This really makes our customers happy.
Julia Wood, Marketing Manager

FC Cincinnati is growing their reach faster than ever with Lightspeed

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