Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lightspeed Pop Up Presents … Jogha

Many online retailers dream of opening a brick-and-mortar store — a place where they can actually meet their customers face to face. Lightspeed gave one of its eCommerce customers the opportunity to do just that.

Aranka van Voorden, owner of and online personality known in the Netherlands for women’s healthy living community #FITGIRLCODE, took part in Lightspeed Pop Up Presents - a concept that allowed her to link her eCommerce store to the Lightspeed Retail POS and open a pop up shop, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Interview with Jogha's owner

Lightspeed eCom customer Aranka, owner of sportswear brand Jogha, opened a pop up shop by integrating her online store with Lightspeed Retail POS. See how it went.

"The advantage of Lightspeed software is its visual interface. Everyone got to grips with it in a short space of time." - Aranka van Voorden, owner of Jogha

Aranka and her team had no prior experience using Lightspeed Retail — or any other POS software — but, having no time to waste, learned to run their store on a system within hours. After just half a day of training, the Jogha sales team were all set to handle sales on a shop floor. They could, for example, scan and check out articles, email receipts and make customer profiles.

An impressive turn-out

An impressive turn-out

Promoting the pop up event was a feat that required all available digital channels, including the brand website, digital ads, the company newsletter, teasers and competitions on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The resulting success of their marketing efforts was overwhelming. 400 visitors turned up to the event’s opening night the pop up garnered more than momentary interest in the brand — their Instagram following has since shot up to nearly 60,000 and online sales have since increased.

Taking customer service to new heights

For Aranka, the true benefit of a pop up lies in making direct contact with customers — customers who may be loyal and want to associate a face with a brand name they love. Armed with Lightspeed's POS, Aranka and her team were able to reach new levels of customer service: "you can show customers pictures of your products as they're walking around your store. And you can take payments on the iPad. You don’t even need a cash register anymore."

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