Founded in November of 2017, Kix On is a shoe retailer whose claim to fame is bulk purchasing shoes from the previous season and providing shoppers with a wide variety of affordable classics from sought-after brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

Prior to building the store, Tanya Smith, Kix On’s owner, worked in IT recruitment. Her husband and co-owner, Stanley, had previous experience running retail shops. When the opportunity came about to work together and provide customers with quality products at reasonable prices, they knew the business model had potential, fulfilled a niche and was an idea worthy of translating into reality.

How Kix On uses Lightspeed Retail

Part of buying items in bulk means there’s a high risk/reward on inventory management. With Lightspeed Retail, Kix On is able to intelligently manage and purchase bulk inventory for both of their store locations based on previous sales data, which minimizes the risk of being left with unsellable, old inventory. Since they purchase last season’s shoe models in bulk, they’re able to beat other shoe resellers, like Footlocker, on price—the maximum cost of a shoe at Kix On is only $100. Their strategy of beating competitors on price led to an influx of loyal, repeat customers who align with their pricing strategy and consistently find desirable inventory.

What attracted them to Lightspeed Retail

What attracted them to Lightspeed Retail

Tanya was attracted to Lightspeed Retail because of how easy the product was to implement; it took about an hour to get up and running! She also loved the software’s user-friendly interface because it made managing the logistics and back-end of her stores a simple process. Additionally, Lightspeed Retail enables her to easily download reports that provide an in-depth understanding of her business. With these reports, Tanya can pinpoint timeframes where she generates the most customer traffic and revenue, and so much more.

Kix On’s sales staff appreciated how easy it was to process sales, look up inventory and transfer items between stores. When a point of sale is easy to use, it enables sales staff to focus more on their customer and providing them with a great purchasing experience, and less on learning how to use it. For instance, instead of losing a potential sale because a shoe size isn’t in stock, Lightspeed Retail enables Kix On’s staff to simply check other store locations for the product, or order it directly from the manufacturer. The result is a retained sale, rather than a potential customer taking their business elsewhere.

Interesting fact, Tanya is responsible for running Kix On’s operations while still working full time as an IT recruiter! The mobility a cloud-based point of sale like Lightspeed provides enables her to strategize, manage and implement tactics to scale her business from anywhere, fast. Being an entrepreneur is a grind, but with the right tools, you can focus on what matters the most: delivering amazing customer experiences and adding value to your communities through commerce.

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