Le Cheese

Montreal, Canada

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system
work for you.

Pascal Salzman, co-owner of Le Cheese, found himself in need of an MEV-compliant restaurant POS system that was both affordable and reliable. Lightspeed happened to be his first choice.

His Montreal casse-croûte (the Quebecois term for “snack bar”) was born out of a love of Quebec cheeses and mom’s delicious comfort food. It has since become a popular food truck and local hot-spot that is all about neighborhood pride, a love for the laid-back dining experience and, of course, a passion for mouth-watering cheesy creations.

“When you’re looking for a POS system, you quickly realize how important an investment it is, especially for a small business like ours. Lightspeed is a solution that has worked out well for us.”

The restaurant caters to just about anyone — families wanting to sit down for a meal, high school students on their lunch breaks, homebodies too lazy to get off the couch, even a regular late-night crowd. A POS system that could accommodate their full roster of customers was a must.

““Lightspeed allows us to keep orders open — something we couldn’t do with our old POS system. We get a lot of takeout and delivery orders, so it’s really useful. Before we switched to Lightspeed, this need caused problems””

As for what Salzman loves about Lightspeed Restaurant, it would have to be the reporting features. “Having access to very detailed sales reports is helpful in terms of staff scheduling during peak hours”. He goes on to explain that the data these reports provide help him understand exactly how much of his business is dependent upon takeout, deliveries and walk-ins on a given day or night.

When it comes to what the future holds for Le Cheese, growth seems to be in the cards. “We’d love to expand, open up other locations, maybe build an army of food trucks” says Salzman, and he can see Lightspeed being right there with them.