Le Pickup

Montreal, Canada

In Montreal, Canada, no one goes to a “convenience store” to pick up a carton of milk or a box of tissue. In Montreal, people buy last-minute necessities at “dépanneurs”, and one such dépanneur is Le Pick Up, located in the city’s industrial-chic neighborhood of Mile-Ex.

Le Pick Up sells what you might expect at other dépanneurs, but with a more gourmet, even indie twist (think interesting marmalades, gluten-free crackers, and less-mainstream soft drink brands). The business is split into two: retail store on one side, and diner on the other. The diner, set with bar stool and picnic table seating, is notorious for their mouthwatering burgers, grilled halloumi cheese sandwiches with mint and cabbage slaw. Even vegans can enjoy their grilled treats–the meatless pulled “porc” sandwich is a super star.

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During the summer of 2015, the owners decided they needed a point of sale system that could help them handle their lunch rushes, so they turned to Lightspeed Restaurant. According to their front-of-house manager, Marcus Eisenmann, their antiquated system just wasn’t cutting it anymore. For managers and owners of Le Pickup, choosing Lightspeed wasn’t difficult.

“We needed a point of sale to be MEV compliant–a new Quebec law. We had heard about Lightspeed because they used to be our neighbor! So many Lightspeed employees used to have lunch here, so we already had a great impression of them. We looked at a few other options, but Lightspeed was the most obvious, especially because it’s based here in Montreal,” explains Marcus.

Since switching to the new point of sale, staff have noticed a number of improvements. “What we had before was a regular cash drawer and printer system. It was ok, but had a lot of limitations. It was impossible to add notes to an order and was difficult to modify orders. Now (with Lightspeed), this is really easy. I can’t tell you how much time this has saved,” says Marcus.

Time is of the essence for hungry customers who line up, often out the door, for their freshly prepared sandwiches, desserts and coffee. “In the summer and on weekends, I would say we’re fairly busy all day, but during the winter we have a serious lunch rush. From 11:30am to 2:30pm, we’re completely slammed. This POS makes things go a lot faster, which is obviously really important,” Marcus remarks.

For any fast-paced business, user-friendly systems are essential, and for staff at Le Pick Up, Lightspeed was simple for new employees to get comfortable with. “New staff seem to learn the system easily – it takes them about a day, and then they’ve got it,” explains Marcus.

““I think our staff are used to touchscreens, which is another reason the Lightspeed Restaurant design is so user-friendly. Pretty much everyone who uses it thinks the design is really logical.””

For anyone migrating to a new point of sale, some extra help getting set up is appreciated (if not necessary). For Marcus, Lightspeed’s support team made the transition from their old system a pleasant experience.

“When we were getting the system installed, technical support was so helpful – they guided us through everything so we could be up and running as soon as possible.”

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