Roseheart Jewels

Covent Garden, London

Mother and daughter Donna & Moana Mills run Roseheart Jewels, a bespoke jewel store using Lightspeed POS in the heart of Covent Garden, London's vibrant centre for entertainment, housing the only area of the city to license street performances, accompanied with an array of shops and marketplaces both tourists and Londoners enjoy all through the year.

From the renowned Covent Garden Market to the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is a well-known attraction of the capital. Upon entering Roseheart Jewels, everything special about this unique area quickly becomes apparent — boasting some of the most beautiful cultures, arts and history it has to offer.

"We have maybe 3,000 one-off pieces... hard to imagine but that's true! So that all had to be accommodated within a system and Lightspeed was flexible enough to do that for us"

- Donna Mills, Founder

Much thought has gone into Roseheart Jewels — from the store name to the visual merchandising of all in-store items. Consequently, Donna & Moana adopt the same values they share as a family into their business; traditionally high standards and loyalty that reflect their understanding and response to the needs of the business.

Lightspeed by name, Lightspeed by nature…

Furthermore, Roseheart Jewels required a POS system that could adapt to these needs. A seamless system that could house their array of products efficiently to ensure a smooth transaction process. As Donna put’s it, “It really is Lightspeed!”.

Supporting the transition to cloud-based retailing

Lightspeed's retail POS is the perfect solution for retailers like Roseheart Jewels, who need to move away from book management to a cloud-based inventory system without having to spend too much time trying to understand how such a system would work.
The question was simple. Is there a POS system that can adapt to a unique range of handcrafted products? One that could support the innovative growth of an independent retailer? Ultimately for Roseheart Jewels, Lightspeed Retail provided all the answers to their questions.

Lightspeed every step of the way

As a result, Lightspeed Retail was the perfect POS solution for Roseheart Jewels' digital transition from physical inventory management. Particularly noteworthy was how easy the platform was for Donna, who admittedly lacks technical knowledge, to learn with ease.

With thousands of products on display, it's important for their POS to be able to adapt based on every new sale and product to enhance the buying experience for every customer.