Rub Smokehouse

Birmingham, Newcastle and Nottingham, UK

Bursting with “life, energy, and madness”, Rub Smokehouse serves up a mouth-watering selection of burgers, grills and everything in between. With portions designed for unending appetites, Rub takes the expression ‘grabbing a quick bite’ to another level. An impressive array of refreshing cocktails to wash everything down leaves many a client staying longer than imagined, and always coming back for seconds in any of their 3 establishments.

The Rub team have embraced the digital age, using social media to drive their business and reinforce their brand through cheeky hashtags and enticing photos. Lightspeed integrates fully with this new style of branding, allowing waiters to show photos and information on every product before the client takes the plunge and makes a decision. As Jason Rowe explains,
‘It makes the experience of coming to our restaurant very very personal’. Keeping up with today’s trends is vital for a restaurant business to succeed, and Michael has been impressed by the positive feedback received by these features, and the relaxed atmosphere it has given his establishment.

The staff at Rub Smokehouse particularly appreciate the modifiers function that Lightspeed technology provides. Each product has a choice of cooking degrees, sauces, sides and sizes, and Lightspeed allows waiting staff to toggle through these seamlessly, avoiding a lengthy procedure in front of the client and a confusing, illegible tab for the kitchen.

“You start with a basic burger, and Lightspeed allows you to select whether it’s blue or burnt to a crisp(!), then you can even add cheese, bacon, guacamole...this all helps us to increase our spending per head at the table.”

Jason Rowe, Managing Director

Lightspeed’s reporting function is an invaluable source of information for the team at Rub. It allows them to analyse, in real time, the aspects of their strategy that are striking a chord with the public, and swap out those that aren’t making the cut, allowing the business to grow organically and in synch, even in different cities.

“You can pull data onto an Excel spreadsheet in one click, and manipulate this data in whatever way your business needs to grow...all the data is available anywhere in the world, on site or on holiday. It allows us to view what is happening in our restaurants in real time, giving us greater control.”

As with many growing businesses, the owners of Rub truly value the constant help that they are able to get from Lightspeed Day or night, 24/7, our customer support specialists are available to help customers get through any issues .

“The best thing about Lightspeed is its reliability. It’s easy to set up: you press the button, on it comes and off you go. Anyone can use it, even me!”

Lucas Billingham, Director

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