San Francisco, CA
Based in San Francisco, Seedstore is a men and women's clothing store that specializes in the style, fashion, art and vintage goods.

When sisters Jennifer and Cynthia Huie set out to create Seedstore, a space to display the fashion they enjoy, they envisioned an apparel retail store that would share the stories of the designers and convey the love that they’ve put into their creations.

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system work for you.

They were committed to finding a Mac-based point-of-sale system that would meet their functional needs as well as reflect the hip aesthetic of their store.

“We wanted something that played well with our work flow and felt good when we used it. It was essential that we select a system that would be able to grow with us without much added effort or expense.”
In 2010, Seedstore opened in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood with Lightspeed as its POS system. The owners looked at a range of options suggested by the Apple Store and decided that this platform best supported where they were and where they wanted their business to be.

"For anyone interested in a robust and intuitive POS system, Lightspeed is the only one I would recommend."

“It was an easy set up and there are endless areas to which we can expand without much additional expense. As we do more mobile business at festivals and shows, we can easily deploy Lightspeed Mobile. Early next year, we plan to start an eCommerce store and Lightspeed’s eCommerce solutions will integrate seamlessly with our existing system.”

“Customers are so curious when they are at the register. I think it really creates a seamless experience for them and adds a level of trust that they are purchasing from a retailer that cares about all the details.”

In addition to its support for business growth, Seedstore reports many benefits from its use of Lightspeed, including eased employee training, superior inventory control, better forecasting and reporting, and integrated credit card processing.

"We love that it is robust in its inventory control and easy to train salespeople on." - Cynthia Huie, Seedstore

“The amount of information it can take in helps us tailor our reporting. Lightspeed definitely gives us an advantage when looking at historical data in order to forecast future buys. We’re able to easily look up purchase orders as well as customer data. It is also easily integrated into our merchant services which makes life a lot easier.”

“We were clear that we wanted to work with a company that would offer us personal and quality support whenever we needed it. The excellent customer service and ability to get support from our Lightspeed Reseller, Create More, is a huge bonus for us.”

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