Sell through the unexpected with Lightspeed eCom

Unlock a new revenue stream that never closes its doors. Manage inventory, shipping, marketing and reports from one platform in a booming online marketplace.

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Market your business across channels.

Lightspeed eCom helps you master online marketing in next to no time, and reach audiences across several online channels.

  • Connect social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to your online shop
  • Make use of built-in tools to boost SEO and drive traffic to your online store
  • Help online shoppers find your brick-and-mortar locations with an always up-to-date, automatically syncing locations page

Keep your stock moving.

Keep costs low and profits high across channels with Lightspeed eCom's inventory management tools. Connect all your locations to your eCom store for a more efficient supply chain that lets you sell all your stock online.

  • Easily import stock from your physical stores to your eCom shop in one click and give shoppers live updating quantity on hand levels
  • Combine stock from all your locations to be sold online
  • Get notified by Lightspeed when you need to transfer stock to fulfill online orders
  • Make quick and easy mass updates to your product data through spreadsheet imports and exports
Lightspeed eCommerce stock management

Offer gift cards that work online and in store.

Improve cash flow and customer loyalty without extra fees. With omnichannel gift card management, your customers can purchase and redeem the same gift cards in store and online.
For a limited time, get started with custom physical gift cards with 100 free plastic gift cards from Plastic Printers.*

  • Manage omnichannel gift cards with no extra fees or third-party partners required
  • Sell customisable gift cards, from design to messaging to amount and more, that reflect your brand
  • Choose between paper, plastic or eGift cards, or make them all available for customers
  • Issue gift cards, transfer balances and view gift card balances and history without leaving your ePOS

Turn browsers into buyers.

Build an online store that shoppers want to buy from, over and over again. Choose from our selection of over fifty professional themes, specially designed for conversion.

  • Showcase your products in HD and optimise web navigation
  • Select a theme from a range of mobile-responsive and customisable templates
  • Attract online customers with a sleek design for optimal user experience
Lightspeed eCommerce templates
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Tools that boost customer satisfaction.

Online stores don't come with sales clerks. Provide your customers with a feature-packed website that automates the service they're used to in store.

  • Offer a points-based loyalty programme with Lightspeed Loyalty
  • Streamline returns and exchanges by inviting customers to open a ticket through their profile
  • Let shoppers add their favorite items to a wishlist for future purchase

Smooth sailing when it comes to shipping.

From dispatch to delivery, Lightspeed eCom's integrated shipping tools help you track orders every step of the way.

  • View, edit and organise your shipments from your eCom back office
  • Keep customers up-to-date on the status on their order with shipment tracking codes
  • Save time with shipping integrations like EasyPost and ShipStation
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Pages of an eCommerce whitepaper

Learn how to start an eCommerce business.

Build an eCommerce business and open a new sales channel with Lightspeed. Bring your products online and start selling fast with our foolproof quick start guide. You'll learn:

  • What an eCommerce business is
  • How to start and run a successful eCommerce business
  • How to grow your eCommerce business
  • Why eCommerce is so important to a business

Go from local to global.

Don't be limited by time and space - sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Make your webstore available in up to 14 languages
  • Serve an international clientele by adding multiple currencies
  • Offer variable or flat international shipping rates
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A sales over view for two different locations in Lightspeed back office

Grow your business with data.

Make more informed business decisions with a handy overview of all your data points.

  • Track your online sales performance daily, weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Never miss a shipment, and quickly fix mistakes with order status reports
  • Check if your online store needs optimisation with detailed conversion reports

Top tools available with Lightspeed eCom


Quickly launch email marketing campaigns by syncing your customer data with Mailchimp.


Channable is an all-in-one tool for order synchronisation, feed management and PPC automation.

Order Alert

Get real-time notifications and a stream of all your sales and orders.

Inventory Alarm

Increase sales, prevent out-of-stock situations and monitor your inventory levels with Inventory Alarm.

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Get the kind of support you've always wanted.

One-on-one onboarding. Webinars, demos and videos. Unlimited 24/7 support. All totally free.

"With Lightspeed eCom we're able to sell 24/7. That's been a huge revelation to us.”
Andrew, Papillon Living

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Frequently asked Questions

How can I start selling online?

Lightspeed eCommerce can be purchased as an add-on to your Lightspeed Retail subscription. You can start selling online by setting out clear goals, sales strategies and target audiences.

Once you’ve finalised a business plan, you can then purchase a subscription for an eCommerce provider.

With Lightspeed eCommerce, you can customise your webshop with your own branding using mobile-responsive and customisable templates-so you can quickly set up your webshop and start selling online.

How much does Lightspeed eCommerce cost?

Lightspeed eCommerce’s pricing varies relative to the subscription you choose to purchase.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

Can I import inventory from bricks and mortar store to my webshop?

Yes! Using the import tools on Lightspeed eCom, you can upload products, customers, suppliers and more from your Lightspeed Retail ePOS.

For more information about our import tool, visit our Help Center.

Why do I need an ecommerce platform?

The need for an omnichannel presence is nothing new. A 2017 study by Harvard Business Review found that 73% of consumers use multiple channels while shopping.

However, the 2020 pandemic cemented omnichannel’s rightful place as the new default for retail. Retailers who previously dominated the bricks and mortar space have had to shift online.

*This promotional offer is valid until October 16 2021.