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  • Enhance your content to increase visibility with easy-to-use content rules and mapping (category, gender, age group)
  • Insights in the true profit of every product ad
  • Boost your profit (automized CPC bids, performance bases rules, data-driven tips)


"AdCurve increased the return on my ad spend with over 50%"

Why AdCurve voor Digital Marketing?

To boost your profits! Advertising on many channels could cost you more than you earn. Optimizing campaigns requires analytical skills and lots of time. AdCurve does that for you.

AdCurve is available from £19.50 per channel per month. Try AdCurve now free for 30 days. We are always available for free support.


How does it work?

Installing AdCurve is easy. Just follow the 3 steps in the wizard and you're up and running in minutes.

With AdCurve you can:



AdCurve collects your product data and allows you to modify your content, add the channel categories and gender and to select the products you want to distribute by feed or API. Product feeds are history! Use the AdCurve content APIs and your product data is always up-to-date.



AdCurve analyzes the added value of every advertising channel in the customer journey, the actual costs per ad and the margin you make on every order. In the dashboard you can see the real ROI and profit per individual product ad.



Optimize your campaigns with bid management and actionable tips to maximize your profit.


Read about our free webinars about campaign optimization.


About AdCurve

It is our mission to help you maximise the profit from your online marketing spendings. To do exactly that, we have developed a unique tool that calculates the exact ROI of your ads. We believe in objective and statistical insights. That’s why it is our passion to provide that insight and based on these insights, give you tips and advice which demonstrably help to grow your business.


Additional information

With AdCurve you can connect to over 100 channels like Amazon, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Nextag, Connexity, Pricerunner, Pricegrabber, Linkshare, Rakuten Marketing, Polyvore, Criteo, Kelkoo, Shopalike, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

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