All-In-One Dashboard

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  • Detailed overview of your Products, Customers, Orders, Shipping & Payments
  • Sales & marketing channels all in one place
  • Free mobile app for Android & iOS


Get All Your Data in One Place


The All-In-One Dashboard app tops the list when it comes to eCom and omnichannel analytics. The app was specially designed for Lightspeed and it covers all the areas of your daily use - eCom, Retail, Omnichannel. You can combine them or simply choose the module you actively use for your business. 


Deep Insights About Your Product / Customer


With All-In-One Dashboard, not only you’ll see data from your online store and POS in one place, you can also search for customers, products, revenue etc. Choose and pick using the filter feature to personalize your layout across your sales and marketing channels. This gives you a comprehensive overview that is needed to make strategic changes.


What Will You Get?


Do you know which customers make up the majority of your sales? Whether you deliver fast enough? Do you strengthen your customer service according to your “rush hours” and “rush days”? Do your customers come back to shop repeatedly in your store or not? We give you the information you need to boost your revenue and strengthen your brand. Nothing less.


Sales & Marketing Integrations


Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Facebook, Twitter, emailing tools and many more in one place. Isn’t it about time you were able to make informed decisions about your campaigns and have the ability to adapt to make sure each one is a success?


How Does It Work?


Simply sign up and connect your store to the app. If there are any other data sources you utilize in your business, connect them as well, and All-In-One Dashboard will automatically upload your statistics and display them in the dashboards.




If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us at [email protected].