Colorlab - Product Customization

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  • Let customers customize their products by adding text, pictures or illustrations
  • Receive print ready orders including the user's customization
  • Easily manage and configure all product customization options in Colorlab




"Sell personalized products the easy way"

Why Colorlab?

Stop processing e-mails from clients explaining how they would like to see the product printed, but see exactly which result they had in mind.


Colorlab allows users to do just that: customize your webshop products with their text, picture or illustration - right inside your webshop, without the need to register or log in.

How does it work?

Installing Colorlab is easy: install the app and configure how products can be personalized. Using a custom field for every customizable product in Lightspeed, the “Add to cart” button will change into a “Customize” button. After installation, we'll validate your current set-up, and contact to you activate your account, configure your webshop and explain how you can get started with configuring your products for customization.


Next, users are able to customize the product to their liking and add it to their cart when ready. If they like, they can still change their customization from within the shopping cart.


Benefits of Colorlab

  • Your own CMS login
    Log in to our content management system to manage your products and view all user created personalisations in 1 place.

  • Secure data transfers
    All data is transferred securely through SSL.

  • Great support
    Start with our documentation to get the most out of Colorlab. Any questions left? Ask our support team!


  • Cross-platform
    Colorlab is HTML5 based and responsive, and works on all modern browsers, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Easy integration
    The app gets installed automatically by our team, and we will guide you to get started on the platform.


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About Colorlab

Colorlab is powered by a creative team of IT experts who specialize in web design and development. Read more about the pricing of Colorlab.



We'll get you up and running with our documentation and contact you to explain all features. If there are any questions left, we’re glad to help out. Support is available in Dutch or English. Simply contact us at [email protected].