Expivi 3D product configurator

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  • Increase sales by allowing your customers to see the final product in 3D
  • Reduce costs by shortening the time-to-market and automating the sales process
  • Improve customer experience by showcasing your products in 3D

    Customers want to experience products. In a time where a majority of sales is happening online, it’s very difficult to allow them to feel, pick up or smell your products. Expivi is here to create that experience for your customers!


    How does it work?

    Expivi is not a simple 3D viewer. The 3D product configurator allows your customers to customize and personalize your products, and order the final product in your Lightspeed store.





    Expivi in a nutshell

    • Easy integration with your products in your Lightspeed shop
    • Use 3D models to showcase your products
    • No limit to the number of options
    • No more product images for each variation
    • With advanced pricing functionality
    • Easy setup of your 3D products
    • Order processing within Lightspeed, just like any other product


    The Lightspeed app

    Installation of the Lightspeed app is easy, you only need an Expivi account for this. Signup for an account at https://www.expivi.com/en.

    When your account is ready, your 30 day trial period will start, giving you the opportunity to test out our platform.


    Learn more about installing the Expivi app at https://knowledge.expivi.com/knowledge-base/website-integration/expivi-lightspeed-integration/. If you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected]