Flexible Product Sorting

£6.95 / monthly
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  • Optimize and sort your product overview in a category;
  • Up to ten sorting methods;
  • Increase the conversion rate of your webshop with optimal sorting.




    'The best way to make your products stand out in a category.'

    Why Flexible Product Sorting?

    When you do your shopping at the local supermarket, you want to see the most relevant products at the right time. The same applies to the products in your webshop. With the app, the products come into their own even better, and you can ensure that the relevant products are always shown first in your categories.

    How does it work?

    Flexible Product Sorting is simple to use; with just a few mouse clicks, it is possible to sort your products in the way that is most attractive to your customers.

    Do you want to enable multiple sorting options? No problem! With the app, it is possible to create up to ten sorting methods: as soon as the first sorting method no longer applies, the app will automatically switch to the next sorting method.


    Extra information

    The Flexible Product Sorting app makes it possible to sort products by:


    • Product name
    • Brand name
    • Creation date
    • Stock
    • Underlying category


    The sorting method can always be changed within the App. Please note that it may take a while before the changes are visible in your shop.


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